Tyrese Gibson Twitter rant: My opinion!


Since my last blog, some call it a short story, I was trying to figure out what I was going to blog about next.

I am new to the blogging world so I was excited about continuing my blog about relationships (dysfunctional ones).

However: the relationship topic will not be discussed today. After a conversation, I had with a co-worker a couple of days ago, I decided I wanted to address/discuss the Tyrese tweet I saw in the media.

I wish I could sit down and talk to Tyrese to understand his angle. I do not know him personally but a man that speaks with such authority, a man that video tapes himself affirming with his young girl child about how great she is, a man that speaks with the intent to empower and not destroy, an author of self-help books, could not have possibly decided to reach into the childish corners of his mind and begin to waste precious energy on cyber bullying women with words because two ladies were overheard calling men stupid.

Really? This cannot be the reason. I hope this was not the reason.

That rant seemed a little remedial.

We women of color understand that natural is cool in theory.

Only if you fit the palate of the people that find you attractive can you get away with the natural look.

For centuries women of color have always been taunted about the way we look, our body shapes etc.

We try to fit in because that is what society tells us we need to do.

As soon as we go natural, nope, your hair is too nappy!
as soon as we wear weaves, nope, you need to be natural!

As soon as we are ok with the curves, nope  those are not the right curves.

We have never and will never fit the forever changing desires of a man/men in our own culture or outside of it.

In the future, I hope all that energy he put into ranting about sisters who rock weaves, fake butts, and fake eyelashes will be also directed towards his brethren as well. They need to be thrown all up and through that twitter bluster that he laid out for the world to see.

He need to have a rant about how men need to accept natural women …women with no weaves, no lashes and no fake butts.

But he needs to make sure he speaks to the fact that even the coarse haired woman with the dark skin and full lips and all natural thickness should be received.

Because we all know that Team fake is winning … I do not see nobody trying to trample over the Black Chyna’s, Kim K’s, Amberose, to get to Lupita, Solange, Jill Scott (all those women I mentioned are beautiful to me) but those natural women are not the standard.

It seems to me that everybody loves that black woman, I am not talking about the bi racial women, not the 10 percent black women but the whole black woman that is melanin dominate, with her tight coarse curls, but she is only good enough to reference but not good enough to marry, to embrace, to build a future, to bare your kids, to be deeply in love with because she does not fit the programmed image of what a man should have on his arms. Especially in celebrity world.

These are just my thoughts about what he said and I guess one day this topic will be brought up in a way to empower, to encourage, to guide because the way it was brought forward was damaging.

I am still a supporter of Tyrese because everyone is entitled to their own opinion as I am entitled to mines.

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